es ist nie zu spät besser zu schwimmen

swim.better - it is never to late to swim better

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Many people like to go swimming.

And some wonder why it looks so easy for others.
Swimming better is no secret.

Everyone can swim better. Everyone can feel more comfortable in the water.

I'm Aaron from swim.better and I'm here to help you reach your swimming goals!

I have been swimming as a competitive sport for 12 years.

Since august 202§ I am part of the Texas Christian University Swim Team, Fort Worth, Texas, USA and competing in the Big 12 Conference in NCAA Division 1 (swimcloud profile).

The year before I was part of the Keiser University Seahawks Swim Team, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
(schedule, roster, swimcloud profile).

In germany I swim in the 1st team of the SG Frankfurt under Dirk Lange, the former german national coach.

I like to pass on my knowledge and experience in individual and small group training in and around West Palm Beach
Note for parents: I do not offer learn-to-swim courses for toddlers


Why do you want to swim better?

Are you

  • a triathlete and want to swim more efficiently?
  • a recreational swimmer and want to get faster?
  • a recreational swimmer and want to feel more confident and comfortable in the water?
  • Pupil or student and want to improve for a sports exam?
  • simply curious and want to learn another swimming style?

Here you can find more info about my offer


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